Image of the Babkin on an Alaska Private Charter Boat Trip

About Babkin Charters

Family Owned & Operated Custom Charters in Prince William Sound


Babkin Charters is owned and operated by the von Wichman family and have been running boats in Prince William Sound, Alaska, since the early 1970’s. Brother and sister team Brad and Alex von Wichman have decades of experience and know the locations and conditions that make the sound such a amazing place to explore.


In 1981 the family acquired the FV Alexandra, and have commercially fished since then. Kjersti von Wichman joined the crew in 1989 for the Exxon Valdez oil spill and spent the summer transporting scientists along the path of the spill from Valdez to Kodiak.


In 1997 the von Wichman’s took delivery of the Babkin, a 58 foot, USCG - inspected custom built charter vessel.


Both the Alexandra and Babkin offer guests custom charter experiences in and around Prince William Sound, Alaska. Their Prince William Sound cruises are unique in nature, with few set routes or timetables. every trip is formulated around guests’ wishes, the weather and where the wildlife is located.

Sealions basking in the sun on a Babkin Private Charter Boat Trip
Glacier Viewing on a Babkin Custom Private Charter
Hiking with Skis on a Babkin Private Charter Cruise


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Photo credits: Linda Bassett, Tim Bowman, Alex Davis, John Durham, Alexandra von Wichman, Brad von Wichman