Beautiful close-up of kelp from our Alaska charters gallery

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Such a cute sea otter pup in Prince William Sound, Alaska. Filmed aboard the Babkin.

This is an Alaska black bear in the creek we spotted with our drone! If you look closely you'll even be able to see the salmon trying to swim up the river!

What's really cool about the slow-motion footage is you can actually see them under the water! Look closely and you can see they have their dinner in their mouth!

Babkin charters offers guided backcountry ski trips to the middle of Prince William Sound where you can get fresh tracks!

Babkin Charters offers ski charters into Prince William Sound. All charters are professionally guided by Remarkable Adventures and permitted by the USFS.

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Photo credits: Linda Bassett, Tim Bowman, Alex Davis, John Durham, Alexandra von Wichman, Brad von Wichman